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Why partner with Microsoft?

We believe you make more possible.

That’s why we put everything we’ve got to work for you. We combine the widest range of products and services in the industry with the flexibility to choose the programs and benefits you need to build, go to market, or sell. And by opening doors to a large base of customers using our products and marketplaces, we help you unlock new business opportunities. As your partner on this journey, we understand your business model and industry needs. That’s why we offer powerful development tools and virtual testing environments and responsive technical support to solve issues fast. So, you can innovate, grow your business, and make more possible for your customers.

Your success is our goal. And we’re here to help you achieve it. For us, that’s the purpose of partnership.

Simple Sell: In the course of business, you recommend Jive's innovative, cost-saving communications service to your business clients and professional network. Simply mention the product and connect them with us. Jive then sells the new account and oversees the simple implementation of service. Jive's powerful features and top-rated customer service team ensure a happy new customer.

Marketing Support: Jive makes referrals easy by providing marketing resources designed to promote Jive as part of your products and services.

Impressive Product: The friends you refer will benefit from having a cutting-edge communications system. With powerful features—including multi-site administration, unlimited local and long-distance calling, day and night auto-receptionist, and voicemail-to-email—Jive's cloud-based service is one that genuinely benefits the people you refer. Our 97% annual customer retention rate will attest to that.


We are a member of ASCII, a trusted network of individuals, all dedicated to growth through partnership. Our community has been a staple in the channel for over 30 years and continues to thrive with the support of over 1,300 IT providers across the world. ASCII has a proven track record of providing programs and strategic relationships that accelerate growth and efficiency in key areas of business.

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