This is a package designed to increase the speed and efficiency of your PC without breaking the bank. This package includes the time needed to transfer all files and data from your old drive to our new Solid State Drive and you can choose whatever hardware options you'd like. The most common upgrades are to 8 GB of RAM and a 128 GB Solid State Drive. We will remotely evaluate the current status of your machine for free to make sure that your PC is eligible, and our upgrades can be preformed with no physical contact. You can drop off your machine at our office, ship it to us, or we can pick it up. We will then perform the upgrades and finally clean and disinfect the machine before returning it to you. If your old laptop or desktop is slow and isn't cutting it, this is a great option to boost the speed and let you work hassle-free. 

Computer Upgrades - RAM and SSD

RAM Upgrade
Solid State Drive Upgrade

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