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Plexus Technologies was founded in 2001 by John Lazarchik who operated as a sole proprietor for 17 years providing IT services and support to the Tampa area. John's experience in the technology field is very extensive and has helped grow Plexus from the ground up. During this time Plexus developed relationships with a wide variety of different companies involved in healthcare, construction, law, and many other fields. During this time John met his current Partner, Jeff Garfinkel, who operated as an IT director in the healthcare field. John and Jeff became friends and worked together for over 15 years before deciding to combine their efforts to form a partnership in 2018. Jeff has a background in healthcare and has extensive experience in business, technology and law.

The combined knowledge and experience of John and Jeff has helped to expand Plexus's services and capabilities. Currently, Plexus provides support to clients located across Florida but focuses on the Tampa Bay area. Plexus Technologies has been built upon the principles of reliability, dedication and not cutting corners. This reveals itself in the work that we produce, and we strive to offer each client the service that they deserve. Doing things properly is often not the easiest route, but we value this methodology very highly and offer service that reflects this. Plexus offers both remote and on-site technological support with the goal of providing prompt and specific service. We also provide technology procurement services, including new and renewed desktops or laptops and all hardware components which can be configured to meet your needs. The professional relationships we develop with our clients is very important to us, and providing accurate, honest and individualized support is what sets us apart. 


John Lazarchik



Jeff Garfinkel

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